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Milk Processing

We at TES – TECHNIP ENGINEERING AND SERVICES , Are catering our Engineering Services to the MILK & By Product manufacturing companies .. Dairy plants have been supplied for their sanitary processing Equipments and services to a wide variety of customers.

Sanitary equipment essentially manufactured by us are used in the sanitary market. It has since expanded into the beverage, food processing, pharmaceutical, meat & oils, bakery, brewing, micro brewing, distilling, confectionery, wine, extraction from hemp, and other industries that require the non-contaminating advantages of sanitary stainless steel.

Our engineers have developed expert-level skill in using the most advanced technology for all phases of food and beverage plant design and engineering, from pre-engineering (including feasibility studies, cost estimates, and conceptual 3D design) through construction and startup. We can embrace your proprietary methods and standards and recommend ways to reduce costs and can increase system and facility flexibility.

We are manufacturing below Equipments used in Milk processing Industries .

  1. Milk Storage tanks / Silos
  2. Bulk Milk Cooler
  3. Various Sizes Vats In Stainless Steel
  4. Cheese Vat
  5. Chilled Milk Storage Insulated tanks
  6. sanitary stainless steel piping
  7. SS Cabinet panel
  8. Total Milk & Allied By Product processing plant
  9. Agitator Vessel
  10. Jacketed Cooker ( Double jacketed & Triple Jacked Vessels)
  11. Jacketed Reactor Vessel
  12. Dimple Jacketed Tanks with Agitators
  13. Pasteurization Tank For Cream Milk Liquid Dairy
  14. Sanitary Pumps , piping and fittings -Supply and Installation.
  15. Steam Jacketed Kettles

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