Our Procurement engineers work with technical designers or computer engineers to decide what equipment the company needs to complete its projects. They then order or oversee the ordering of this equipment. This process might involve sourcing materials and choosing between multiple vendor options.

To accomplish this, procurement engineers negotiate with vendors and request samples of the product. After choosing a supplier, they help to create a vendor contract, oversee the delivery of materials, inspect the materials for quality and completing the payment to the supplier.

Specific duties of our technical engineer may include:

    • Understanding the technical data and specifications that a designer or technician requires
    • Communicating equipment needs to the supplier
    • Evaluating supplier options
    • Negotiating with suppliers on points like price, schedule, quantity and packaging
    • Evaluating vendors and procurement strategies for efficiency and value
    • Reviewing legal and contractual responsibilities for both the supplier and the company
    • Facilitating communication between company stakeholders, managers and other team members regarding technical procurement