HSC Policy

TECHNIP ENGINEERING AND SERVICES Is committed to provide protection against health and safety risks for its employees and all other workers involved in completion of a project. We take all stringent actions required to provide a safe environment for our workers thereby minimizing the hazards.

A proper management of risk control is the only solution of a safe environment and here in TECHNIP ENGINEERING AND SERVICES we follow every aspect of risk control with integrity.

We follow a world class HSE policy for every project and give high importance to safety. Safety is just not a regulatory policy for us, but it is a paramount attitude with every worker in our projects.

Our every aspect of the projects’ procedures are fully amalgamated with safety and our foremost concern for the entire project team is their healthy well being. TECHNIP ENGINEERING AND SERVICES takes pride in being considered as one of the safest contractor.

Quality Policy

At TECHNIP ENGINEERING AND SERVICES, well defined management systems are in-place for core business functions (i.e. Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Quality, Environment, Safety, Administration, etc.). We are in process of developing the Specific Functional Departments those shall be responsible for developing and continually improving procedures and processes within the management systems.

The aspects of Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) are defined within the process and procedure. The All ongoing Projects Quality Assurance Plan provides the framework necessary to ensure a consistent approach to quality assurance throughout the project life cycle. It defines the approach that will be used by quality assurance personnel to monitor the processes and products to provide objective insight into the maturity and quality of the product. The systematic monitoring of ongoing project’s products, processes, and services will be evaluated to ensure they meet requirements and comply with Project policies, standards, and procedures.

Quality Assurance is the function in the Project aimed at producing a high quality product. It is used to monitor and evaluate the adherence to processes, procedures, and standards to determine potential product and service quality. QA provides standards against which the quality of the products/services being provided and the progress toward completion can be measured.

The Quality Control is the process performed to ensure conformance with valid requirements. This process includes quality planning, training, providing clear decisions and directions, constant supervision, immediate review of completed activities for accuracy and completeness, and documenting all decisions, assumptions and recommendations. The main objective is to provide a mechanism by which all products can be subject to a systematic and consistent review. The outcome of the review should create a set of quality project plans, which should be substantially error free.